What people say about our nurseries

My oldest has been going since he was 9 months old and he is now 3! He loves going to nursery and always leaves happy. All the staff are very helpful and have created a lovely happy environment for all the children. His younger brother has been going for a few months now and he took a while to settle in away from mummy but the staff were so good at getting him settled and comfortable with his new surroundings it was lovely. I would definitely recommend this nursery to anyone.

My son has been coming here since he was 2 ( now 4, leaving September for reception). He can be a little nervous and shy, but the staff here are very hands in, comforting him and reassuring him. He's always fine moments later and enjoys going once he's there.Great tutor, couldn't of asked for anyone better for His time at Spitfires, past few years! Been a pleasure from all of the team!

Great nursery would definitely recommend. My son has been at Treehouse since he was 10mths old and has just left to start school and he loved it, the staff have always cared for him brilliantly and challenged his learning and development by provided stimulating activating that would capture his interest.

Love this nursery, the atmosphere is brilliant, kids laughing and playing staff are always interacting with the children which is so nice to see. I am a very protective father so struggled with the idea of leaving my son under someone else's care for the day but the change in him was amazing. he is more chatty and seems to off grown mentally and in confidence. We would like to give a massive shout and thanks to all the team.

I can't recommend the nursery and staff enough.....each and every single one of them have played a massive part in making my boy into the polite, intelligent and confident person he is. He started there at 11 months old and everyday he couldn't wait to go, which as a mother makes life a lot easier knowing your child is going somewhere they are happy to be

I started my son at Seashore Day Nursery with very little speech or communication skills. 5 Months in and with the help of the amazing staff he is now saying a lot more words and is talking non stop. He's always happy and excited to go to nursery and always has a smile on his face when I pick him up. the staff do a fantastic job and make time for each child's individual needs. I would highly recommend Seashore Day Nursery


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